A truly intoxicating journey into the past

With tailor-made costumes, a trained voice & an extensive repertoire of songs, from german schlager to poignant ballads and global hits. You’ll remember the diva’s charming presentation manner forever.

A diva in sequins and feathers with a special charm that comes into its own on stage.


A truly intoxicating journey into the past

Close up and intimate
a seductive temptress on stage – prepare to be captivated & succumb to the beauty of a hollywood diva.

Your Susan Dueval


This show will make your event a memorable one

"An enchanting evening for your audience"

There must be an Angel

An angelic voice by Susan Dueval

A wonderful song that allows susan dueval to demonstrate the full range of her trained voice and will leave the audience wanting more.

No More Tears

An emotional ballad by Susan Dueval

A poignant song Susan Dueval has always been touched by. Melancholic and affecting, it never fails to move everyone to the core.

Ich bin wie ich bin

Uniquely personal by Susan Dueval

An adventure trip and a loud “Yes” to life. Having a positive self-image & being proud of yourself, that is what it’s all about when Susan Dueval sings this song.


Discover the mystery that surrounds Susan Dueval


Feel a fascinating hint of aloofness


Experience a sparkling presentation & live singing, as well as breathtaking costumes


Succumb to being whisked away to another era


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